Wire Rope Training

PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy

logo whiteWire Rope Training and Consultancy is involved in training and the development of training for major companies around the world. The company specifically concentrates on wire rope and lifting gear related programs with a portfolio that includes development of programs for Bridon International, McDermott, Bridgeport (Canada), Carl Stahl Evita, PT Rigspek Perkasa and many more.

The company provides training and support specifically related to lifting operations; consultancy for the development of management systems related to wire rope and lifting gear/accessories; development of instructors and inspectors of wire rope and lifting equipment; and auditing and continued support.

Projected Included:

  • Development of new website for companion company, Dynamic Training Solutions;
  • Staff photography and press release development;
  • Photography support and written report of special training program.

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