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About Ken Anderberg

Vagabond international writer, photographer and marketer Ken Anderberg has visited scores of countries on four continents during his more-than-40-year career in journalism. A self-described military brat and international vagabond, Mr. Anderberg's experience includes both print and online publishing, working in many publishing market sectors, including: international trade, association, business-to-business,regional, healthcare and technology. He is the author of 10 e-books: Brothers Lost; Love Letters from Mama; Mother and Son; Experience Croatia; Rome & Italy: An Expat's Tale; Costa Rica: An Expat's Tale; Indonesia - An Expat's Tale; A Visit to Bali; A Visit to Penang, Malaysia; and Jogja - The Jewel of Java.

Mr. Anderberg's journey began at Quonset Point Naval Air Station, outside Providence, R.I. His father's 22-year career in the U.S. Marines brought the family to Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Illinois. In addition, the family lived at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for two years, during the Fidel Castro revolution that toppled dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Mr. Anderberg's next overseas experience occurred in 1968, when he was sent to Vietnam as part of the 101st Airborne Division, where he was awarded a Bronze Star. After 14 months as a front-line infantryman, and rear-echelon awards-and-decoration writer, he returned to Savannah, Ga., to resume his newspaper career with the Savannah Morning News and Evening Press. A sports writer and environmental columnist in Savannah, he movedto Manchester, N.H., in 1971 to join the staff of the Manchester Union Leader. There, in addition to working on the news copy desk, he authored a weekly environmental column, earning the Atomic Industrial Forum's top national honor for his coverage of nuclear energy.

After nine years with daily newspapers, Mr. Anderberg began a three-decade career in magazine journalism, writing, editing and publishing national and statewide magazines. His writing and editorial design talents earned him numerous awards over those years, including the George Polk Award for business publications, sometimes characterized as the Pulitzer of business publishing. His work also earned a Presidential Point of Light Award for coverage of how businesses were helping local schools, as well as other regional and national awards.

In 1992, Mr. Anderberg launched his own monthly publication - Atlanta International Magazine - established to take advantage of the interest in international business in Atlanta after the city was awarded the 1996 Olympics. In conjunction with that publication, he also conducted an annual trade show and quarterly seminars to help Southeastern U.S. companies learn about international trade.

During his more than 20 years in Atlanta, he worked for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, was a founding member of the Atlanta International Business Assn., and served on the Atlanta 2020 Commission and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Business and Education committee. While living in New Hampshire, he was a founding member of the N.H. Clean Air Alliance.

With the 2008 recession and the decline of the publishing industry, Mr. Anderberg decided the time was right to do what he had always dreamed of - write novels. His first book, "Love Letters from Mama," published in 2011, is a deeply personal account of his reunion with his mother after 28 years of separation, as told through her letters and his personal recollections. Since publication of that book, he has also published a terrorist/spy novel based primarily in Pakistan ("Brothers Lost"), plus seven travel photo-essay books ("Jogja - The Jewel of Java," "Indonesia - An Expat's Tale," "A Visit to Bali," "A Visit to Penang, Malaysia,""Experience Croatia," "Rome & Sicily: An Expat's Tale," and "Costa Rica: An Expat's Tale"). Mr. Anderberg is an avid blogger at, where he has chronicled his life as a vagabond journalist. He currently lives and works in Batam, Indonesia, helping Western expat-run companies with their marketing needs.

Recent Batam Projects:

PT Mc Len Equipment

  • Interview and photograph nine PT Mc Len customers
  • Write short case studies on each customer
  • Create 12-page marketing brochure containing all customer case studies and photos
  • Provide client with case studies and photographs for inclusion on client Web site
  • Provide photography support for PT Mc Len's 5th anniversary special events - golf tournament and banquet - to be used on PT Mc Len Web site

    To receive a copy of the PT Mc Len brochure in PDF format, or to view a short photo video click here. Please indicate whether you want to view the brochure or video, or both.

    Brothers Lost
    When international journalist Todd Walters traveled to Pakistan to interview a former member of al-Qaeda, he entered a tangled conspiracy of double agents, suicide bombers and the search for al-Qaeda's new leader, Ayman al-Zawarhiri. What he wasn't expecting was to be reunited with the two brothers he was separated from as a child, one now a CIA operative, or to find the mother he was taken from three decades earlier. The tale of �Brothers Lost� begins in a federal prison in Florida, and leads its main characters through Mexico, Singapore and, finally, Pakistan. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • Love Letters from Mama
    Sometimes it takes the poetry of fiction to reveal a complex truth. Sometimes the raw simplicity of truth is itself poetic, poignant, and powerful. Ken Anderberg holds no truth back in �Love Letters from Mama,� and sheds a little light on the universal question of who we are, what we become, and why. I started reading out of a curiosity to know on what kind of literary adventure my friend had embarked. I soon found myself turning page after page, captivated by the stark honesty, as I observed this man�s search for identity turn into a discovery of love. You will certainly be moved by the story. You might even by changed by it. But be forewarned. Confronting the fears and demons of childhood is not a task for the timid, and Anderberg is not timid. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle

  • Jogja - The Jewel of Java
    Yogyakarta, also known as Jogja or Jogjakarta, is the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java. It is known as a center of classical Javanese fine art and culture, such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry and puppet shows. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • Indonesia - An Expat's Tale
    Vagabond journalist Ken Anderberg provides a one-year glimpse into living in Indonesia, with an emphasis on the lifestyles and culture in Batam, Indonesia. Included is useful information about visas and passports, places to see, restaurants, medical care, nightlife and a myriad of other topics of interest to anyone contemplating an extended stay in Indonesia. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • A Visit to Penang, Malaysia
    The fifth installment in Mr. Anderberg's travel series, "A Visit to Penang, Malaysia" is a brief look at a tourist's experience in one of Southeast Asia's premiere travel destinations. It includes photos of a number of tourist sites, as well as cultural and real-life experiences. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • A Visit to Bali
    The fourth installment in Mr. Anderberg's travel series, "A Visit to Bali" is a brief look at a tourist's experience in one of Southeast Asia's premiere travel destinations - the Indonesian island of Bali. It includes photos of a number of tourist sites, as well as cultural and real-life experiences. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • Rome & Sicily: An Expat's Tale
    The third installment in Mr. Anderberg's travel series, this edition focuses primarily on how to live on a budget in Sicily, and includes a prominent section about touring around Rome, including photographs of both. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • Experience Croatia
    Blessed with a spectacularly beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia offers visitors Roman ruins, old stone cities within modern ones, vineyards and fields of olive trees, and a friendly and honest people. What you will find on these pages is not a tourist guide to Croatia, although several interesting tourist areas have been included. Herein, you will find useful information for navigating life as an expat in Croatia, such as how to get around, or how to handle the language disconnect. Included are many of the photographs the author took in this beautiful country. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle
  • Costa Rica: An Expat's Tale
    During his time in Costa Rica, the author kept a running blog account of my experiences ( These accounts were not about being a tourist in Costa Rica; in fact, he hardly visited any typical tourist destinations in the country. The author's purpose in writing about his experiences was to provide useful information to anyone retiring or moving there, insights that might help others more easily navigate Costa Rican culture and day-to-day activities. This book provides useful, on-the-ground advice and ideas on how to negotiate this Central American country as a resident, not a two-week tourist, and includes numerous photos taken by the author. Available at:

  • Amazon/Kindle

  • Check out Ken's blog - 2 Bags and a Pack World Tour.

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